Clothing tech pack service in Vietnam

What garment measurements go into an apparel tech pack?

Once the factory finishes the 1st sample and you agree to place the order, the factory will do what is called grading. Grading is the process of getting all the measurements from size medium down to XXS and up to XXL. The process of grading produces the measurements for all sizes.

Using the graded measurements, the factory will make a full size set of samples so you can check the fit across all sizes.

Grading is not a simple task. You do not just add 5 mm to each measurement. Grading requires technical knowledge and experience.

Once all the grading is approved, the final measurements are listed on the measurements page and used for quality control checks.

The Spec Manual by Michele Wesen Bryant and Diane DeMers provides fashion professionals and start-ups with a comprehensive guide for measuring garments using standard industry practices.

The measurement page is accompanied by an illustration that shows where to measure distances in accordance with the measurement chart. Double headed arrows are named with letters that correspond to letters on the measurement chart. In cases where the end of an arrow is not clear then describe in words where to measure from. Often it is necessary to have both a front and back view.

Diep has made hundreds of tech packs for her clients. She includes the following in her tech packs: 1 size-medium measurement chart with measuring instruction, 1 sample request measurement chart and 1 grading size set measurement. For an extra fee she can do a full size sample measurement chart, pre-production sample checking measurement chart and 1 measurement chart for QA/ QC checking.

I can introduce you to tech pack services in Vietnam.