Using free tech pack templates is a great way to get started manufacturing in Vietnam.

Hi, my name is Chris. I work together with many tech pack freelancers that will make tech packs for you. Here are three people I highly recommend that offer free tech pack templates for you to download.

Sew Heidi
Belinda Jacobs
Meg Fisher

I live and work in Vietnam. Once your tech packs are ready then contact me to see what production options there are for you in Vietnam.


Production Consultant

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Vietnamese Factories

Small Volume Factories

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Services We Offer

Factory Introductions
Factory Tours
Production A to Z

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Are Tech Packs Necessary?

Tech packs are necessary because they are documents that instruct Vietnamese factories exactly how to make your t-shirt, shoe, hat, backpack etc.

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Free Tech Pack Template

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If you have never seen a tech pack before then check this one out. There is no standard tech pack and the contents of your tech pack will vary from style to style, product to product. For example back packs have a lot of plastic parts, shoes have rubber soles and baseball caps have visors.

Would you like a blank tech pack you can fill in yourself? See link below.

Editable Apparel Tech Pack Template For Sale

These apparel tech pack templates include: cover page, call out page, construction detail page, measurement page, color way breakdown page, label and logo placement page, packaging guide page and bill of materials page.

Amazon Testimonies

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Online Course

Manufacture in Vietnam Online Course

Consulting Service

Textile production advising
I listen to your needs and suggest solutions. I explain production issues related to Vietnam like meeting minimum order quantities, getting samples made, negotiating price and arranging shipments. I can provide guidance to improve quality, increase productivity and meet social and environmental compliance for the factories you work with. I can also give business and legal advice for setting up a factory or office in Vietnam. I advise you how to produce a clothing line in Vietnam.

Garment Factory Visits

Factory Visits
I can take you there. I arrange meeting times, transportation and accommodation. I choose the quickest routes to visit 3-4 factories in a day. When we arrive, you will work directly with the factories. I speak Vietnamese and will help with translation if needed. While we are together driving I answer your questions about how to produce a clothing line in Vietnam. I take you there and help you make a great first impression.

Sewing Factories Introductions by Email

Factory Introductions by Email
  1. I speak with you about your product details
  2. I listen to your factory requirements
  3. I confirm three factories that meet your needs
  4. I introduce you directly to the factories
  5. I stand by to help you in case there are any communication problems

I offer this because many of my clients want to work directly with factories. This is how to produce a clothing line in Vietnam quickly.

Tech Packs, Sample Creation and Price Quote

Tech Pack and Sample Service
I know many tech pack freelancers both in Vietnam and around the world. I recommend you read my book How to Make Your Own Tech Packs if you want to save money. With tech packs in hand or a physical sample we can ask factories to make counter samples and get a price quote. Remember to prepare your quantity breakdown list because they will as about the number of pieces per style per color. Use my quantity breakdown template to get started.

Quality Control

I provide quality control services that include pre-production meetings, inline inspections and final inspections. How to produce a clothing line in Vietnam successfully includes a tight quality control plan. I will explain acceptable quality control limits and fabric testing basics like color fastness and pilling.

Fashion Start-Up Business Planning

Write Business Plan Live Plan
I have worksheets that have a series of questions that we discuss together. We can talk about production steps, fabric sourcing, branding, marketing, costing… I am happy to discuss whatever you want. I recommend using Live Plan to collect your business ideas and financial projections. Live Plan has a great template which will guide you through a series of logical questions to develop a solid business plan. Check out Live Plan here. One of my best tips is to start with building your audience first. I recommend you watch this 1,000 True Fans video before you master how to produce a clothing line in Vietnam.

Fabric Development

Develop Fabric in Vietnam
Do you need help developing your fabric here in Vietnam? Our team can develop your fabric for approximately $500 - $600. We will make 20 kg of fabric which is approximately 70 meters.

Cost Breakdown
$250 Management Fee
$100 Testing Fee (Optional)
~$250 Cost of fabric (Varies). Fabric price will vary depending on the yarn you choose. See yarn pricing below.
Yarn Options
Standard Cotton
Recycled Cotton
Standard Polyester
Recycled Polyester
Bamboo Yarn

Service includes:
Consulting — Consulting with an expert fabric technician consists of 2 x 30 minutes in our showroom, on Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom. We will understand your needs, give you our advice and answer your questions.
Knitting or Weaving
Lab testing — We will send fabric to SGS or Intertek lab to test the fabric to ensure that the standards you need are met. We will give you the report. Cost is around $100.

Bulk Order Discount
If you place a bulk order with us and the value of the order is more than $US 20,000usd within one year then we will credit your bulk order purchase with $250.

Terms and Conditions
The service includes one round of changes for free. Each additional change you request will cost an additional $200

The fabric will be dyed according to the Pantone color you choose.

Any overseas shipping costs will be paid by you. We pay for domestic shipping.

What we need to get started:
Fiber specifications
Yarn specifications
Knitting or weaving structure

We will explain all the options and help you choose.