Freelance Apparel Designer in Los Angeles

Freelance Apparel Designer in Los Angeles

in Vietnam

Apparel Tech Pack Freelancer in Los Angeles

Toni Sandoval is a creative product developer and technical designer in Los Angeles, California. Tech packs are his specialty. If you need to put your apparel in tech pack format, then I recommend Toni.

Born and raised in Central California, Toni Sandoval relocated to Los Angeles in 2010 to attend The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. There, he developed and specialized in all aspects of design, including fashion design, technical design, graphic/marketing design, and creative product merchandising and development.

Upon graduating in 2012, Toni jump started his career as a private label designer and product developer. He has since worked for major brands and department stores across the country, elevating product and development processes.

He is now working as a freelance tech pack designer, specialized in women’s knit, woven and denim apparel.

He currently resides in West Hollywood with his dog, Sigh.

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Freelance Tech Pack Designer in Los Angeles Toni

Freelance Tech Pack Designer Los Angeles California
Freelance Technical Tech Pack Designer in Los Angeles
Freelance Technical Designer in Los Angeles California

Currently, Toni focuses on streamlining development processes and production efficiently through thoroughly curated tech packs across multiple categories.

As your tech pack freelancer, Toni can assist from line sheet preparation, pattern and tech pack development to planning, presenting and communicating with domestic and overseas manufacturers.

Toni’s services include:
  • Tech Packs
  • Fashion & Tech CADs
  • Garment Fit & Spec
  • Product Development and Production
Freelance Apparel Tech Pack Designer in Los Angeles

Freelance Garment Tech Pack Designer in Los Angeles California
The reason that got Toni into fashion is that he loves bringing creative ideas to life. “It's very rewarding to be working with something that is simply an idea in someone's head and creatively solving problems to bring that idea to life,” says Toni. “Every idea can be so different from one another and I love building the technical packets that assist in making that product into reality.

Check out Toni's website to see more of his work.

If you want to make your own tech packs then download my free ebook:
In my book I explain how hard it is to make your own tech packs and recommend that you hire experts like Toni. He is a Freelance Apparel Designer in Los Angeles that will save you a lot of headache down the road when you start working with factories in Vietnam.

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