Freelance Tech Pack Designer in Ward Colorado

Apparel Tech Pack Freelancer in Ward, Colorado

Natalie Waltrip is a freelance tech pack designer in Ward, Colorado, specializing in articulated fit for athletic apparel. If you live in Colorado and you are starting a new clothing line, then you definitely need to know Natalie.

Natalie is an expert in apparel fit, hand pattern making and tech packs, and she is passionate about it. She is highly experienced in managing the technical design path from concept hand-off to approved production samples and all necessary steps in between, including costing.

Having tech packs is the key to working with factories overseas (and domestically too). Natalie can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. I work with factories in Vietnam and see people wasting time and money because they come to Vietnam without tech packs and don't have their designs completed.
Freelance Apparel Tech Pack Designer Colorado Natalie Waltrip

Freelance tech pack designer in Ward Colorado
Freelance Tech Pack Designer Ward Coloroda
Freelance Apparel Tech pack designer ward colorado

Natalie has been working in the garment industry for over 20 years.
She started out her apparel journey in 1995. Back then, she was sewing custom-tailored ice climbing suits. She was also working in other apparel factories performing various tasks.

Natalie’s work history is extensive. She has worked with major corporate retailers as well as small apparel businesses and freelance clients.

Her experience includes seasonal specing, BOM’s, construction details, fit alterations, grading, pattern alterations, fabrics (knits, wovens and technical fabrics), factory communications and solving highly complex challenges. Natalie has worked intimately with lifestyle clothing, athletic high tech performance wear, swimwear, outerwear and some evening wear. Those categories include experience in men’s and ladies wear, children’s and young girls, young men’s and maternity wear.

Currently, she specializes in articulated fit for athletic apparel for men and women, and most recently for toddlers and young girls also. She can work on your designs for high performance and athleisure garments.
Freelance Tech Pack Designer in Ward, Colorado
Freelance Apparel Tech Pack Designer in Ward Colorado

Freelance tech pack designer in Colorado
Freelance Apparel tech pack designer in Colorado

Freelance Apparel Tech Pack Designer Colorado
Natalie’s continued commitment in the apparel industry is driven by her passion for problem solving, creative innovation, continued education, and bringing a company or individuals’ vision to life.

Natalie loves the pulse and creativity it takes to solve challenges and manage all the moving pieces that come to the creative fruition of a product line.

Natalie’s services and skills include:

Technical spec packages
2D sketching
Construction details
Fit alterations and Fit comments
Hand pattern making
Pattern diagram flat sketches
Creating grade rules (mainly men’s and women’s, some children’s experience)
Fabric testing
Freelance Tech Pack Designer in Ward, Colorado
Freelance Tech Pack Designer in Ward, Colorado
Freelance Tech Pack Designer in Ward, Colorado

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Vietnamese factories need your tech packs to quote price and make samples.

I wrote this book for you to be able to make your tech packs and understand how hard it is. If you have well done tech packs than half the battle is done.

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