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Chris Walker
Ho Chi Minh City

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My main goal is to get you working with a sample room or directly with a full sized factory within one month.

If you are a start-up then I will explain apparel manufacturing in Vietnam and introduce you to great resources like tech pack freelancers and small workshops. My passion is helping you think through your business plan and get production done in Vietnam. Step one is to connect with a garment sample room in Vietnam.

If you are an established business then I can quickly connect you to factory owners, designers, pattern makers, QC inspectors, lawyers and accountants. Contact a garment sampling expert in Ho Chi Minh City. Even if your quantities are big, working with a garment sample room in Vietnam may benefit you.

Read -> Learn -> Then contact the factory.

I wrote these books during my first few years working in the Vietnam garment industry. I teach you basic knowledge and insider tips that will help you work directly with factories in Vietnam.

If you are just starting out then I recommend you read my books before contacting factories.

For example, it is critical to know basic things like what is the difference between woven and knit fabric; what is different about viscose, rayon, tencel, modal and hemp; and what is the Acceptable Quality Level system?

Work with a garment sample room in Vietnam.

Question: "Hi, I am researching Vietnam apparel manufacturing and plan to start working with a garment sample room in Ho Chi Minh city to make my new collection of t-shirts. Do you have any advice?"

linkedin‏‎ ‎‎ ‎‏— Vincent Banh

"If you want your own design, you will have to work with a garment sample room in Vietnam that sews everything from scratch."

"There are sample rooms that can do small quantity t-shirts but working with them is not easy. One is They have stock tees and can do either digital or screen printing. You will need to visit one of their shops to choose your options.

If you want your own design and branding labels then you will have to work with a sample room that sews everything from scratch like Candy Rox Studio.

You can also reach out to the Facebook group called Saigon Fashion Group. Many small workshop owners are members of that group. When they see your post they might respond and give you their garment sample room in Vietnam contact information."

linkedin‏‎ ‎‎ ‎‏— Shade Iyeyemi

"Have both a physical sample and tech pack ready."

"The best is to have both a physical sample and tech pack ready to show a factory. If you can’t meet their minimum order quantity - usually 1,000 pieces per color - most likely they will refuse. The reason is that if you want a custom fabric then they will have to produce at least 1,000 yards of custom fabric. With 1,000 yards of fabric you can make 800 to 1,100 t-shirts.

If the big factory refuses you, don’t give up. Ask them for introduction to a smaller sewing factory. They might introduce you to one of their sub-contractors.

You can also try asking Tailors to sew t-shirts for you but they will probably refuse because they only know how to make dress shirts. If you ask 10 tailors then there is chance one of them will introduce you to a small workshop that can do t-shirts. Don’t give up and keep asking with a smile.

Bottom line is that factories, big or small, don’t make enough profit on small orders to get excited and offer five star customer service. A good garment sample room in Vietnam will charge a pretty penny. "

linkedin‏‎ ‎‎ ‎‏— Chris Walker

"Make decisions quickly."

"I own a sewing factory that produces t-shirts on a large scale. Normally my MOQ is 1,000 pcs per style per color. I have stock fabric that we can use to make t-shirts for you in small quantity but I need you to make decisions quickly and make decisions quickly. The limitation is that you must accept the fabric quality and color that I have on hand. Either give me a physical sample to copy or a complete tech pack. I am much more than a garment sample room in Vietnam."

linkedin‏‎ ‎‎ ‎‏— Sim Thai

Questions I Have for Your

Questions I have for You

1. Which styles do you want to manufacture first?
2. Do you have tech packs?
3. Do you have any special factory requirements?
4. Have you produced before? If yes, then in what country?
5. What quantity per style per color do you order?
6. Does your company have a website?
7. Do you want to work with an agent or directly with the factory?
8. Do you plan to visit a garment sample room in Vietnam?

Do you have questions for me? Contact a garment sampling expert in Ho Chi Minh City.

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