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Divya Vijayan is a highly experienced fashion designer in Johore, Malaysia, specializing in lingerie. She is currently working as a freelance lecturer and lingerie consultant. She is available for a full-time position as a lingerie designer and is ready to relocate anywhere in the world. If you are in Malaysia and you are looking for an expert in fashion design, then I recommend you meet with Divya.

Divya has more than 15 years of experience working in the fashion industry. She has worked in design and production for over 10 years, with an additional 5 years teaching fashion design. Her true passion lies in lingerie.

Divya studied fashion design at the Malaysian Institute of Arts where she graduated with diplomas in Fashion and in Textile Designing. Her following studies and experiences took her from the capital of fashion, Paris, back to Malaysia, to Kyoto, Japan, and to China.

She has been exposed to a fusion of cultures ranging from Europe to Asia in fashion. If you need a lingerie designer, I recommend you reach out to Divya.
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Divya’s passion for fashion started at a very young age. She grew up watching her grandmother peddling on the traditional sewing machine making her own garments, panties, brassieres and underskirts. This had an underlined influence that would later sculpt her path for a career. Divya says about her grandmother:
lingerie designer malaysia
Making her own patterns onto newspaper and cutting cotton fabrics then putting all of these together to make a wearable perfectly fitted garment... everything seemed new, amazing. Her talent was inspirational to me from a young age.
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Divya received her basic understanding of Fashion Design from the Malaysian Institute of Arts. She always wanted to further her studies at the fashion capital – Paris. “Yes. Paris calling,” she says. To make it a reality, she was learning French during her studies.

She completed a year's course in Stylisme Perfectionniste at fashion school ESMOD in Paris, France. During her stay there, she had the opportunity to work as an understudy with Printemps’ stylist Christop Thobus and she attended Valentino and Lanvin fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week. The turning point for Divya was when she decided to do a study on Chantal Thomas, legendary couturier and lingerie genius. “She inspired me to understand femininity and boudoir style which became my style in approaching lingerie design in later years,” explains Divya.
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When she returned to Malaysia, Divya began as a lecturer at her alma mater before becoming a designer for Wacoal Manufacturers Tan Cong Apparels. She received training in pattern making and development for undergarments at the headquarters, in Kyoto. She worked at the company for more than 7 years, as Merchandising Executive and Designer/Pattern Maker.

Divya designed successful designs from full cups to girdles, ¾ cups to thongs, balconettes to waist nippers, bridal bras to shorts range. She worked closely with the company’s OEM manufacturers, discussing design development, material sourcing, quality control, fitting & pricing. She also has knowledge serving customers who use Breast Cancer products under the label Remamma.
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Later, she joined Malaysian national lingerie brand Skiva as Manager cum Chief Designer. Within 6 months, she was promoted General Manager focusing on Product and Brand Development at Grand Bell Trading, producers of Malaysian brand Skiva. This experience led her to work closely with manufacturers in China and to travel frequently to Xiamen and other parts of China in relation to buying and manufacturing.
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Divya has an excellent understanding of the garment design and manufacturing process. From the garment conceptualization stage, through the pattern drafting phase to final garment and packaging, she has the skills and knowledge to deliver.

She knows fabrics and is able to choose the best match between garment design and fabric. She can convert ideas to best suit the needs of the client. She is also able to interpret client requirements and create designs that pinpoint their target market.

Divya loves to face new challenges in the creative field “as it gives purpose”. She is “constantly driven to solve problems in new situations.” Divya describes herself as having a “strong creative sense to capture and translate visual or written descriptive contents into ideas, concepts into proposals.”

Finally, Divya can speak Japanese, French, Mandarin, Malay and English. Moreover, she is able to converse in Cantonese, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. She is currently self-learning Korean.

If you need a highly skilled lingerie designer in Johore, Malaysia who is passionate about lingerie design, then I recommend Divya.